MAR is a grant-giving organisation that works with local partners to improve maternal health outcomes for the urban poor. As the world urbanises, mothers and infants living in urban poverty face unique maternal health challenges. Our grants can be used to finance interventions that reduce the cluster of risks that occur during the pre-natal, delivery and post-natal period in order to achieve better maternal health outcomes for mothers and babies in urban areas.

What is the MAR Catalytic Fund?

MAR’s Catalytic Fund (CatFUND) is a funding instrument providing grants to local development partners doing innovative projects that increase access to maternal health services, use of these services and promote respectful care for mothers living in informal and underserved communities in cities in the developing world.

Who should submit proposals to the MAR CatFUND?

MAR supports maternal health initiatives through small and medium size organisations based in the developing south (non-governmental organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations (CSOs), faith-based organizations (FBOs), institutes, etc.) working to improve maternal health outcomes amongst the urban poor.

What types of projects are eligible for support from the MAR CatFUND?

Grants provided by MAR can be used to support projects and/or the provision of technical assistance to support sector assessments, programme development, improvements in monitoring and data gathering as well as action research.


How will winning proposals be decided?

Proposed projects will be evaluated against a set of criteria outlined in the call. Proposals must fit within MAR’s programme framework and demonstrate how they respond to the call for proposals. Proposed projects are expected to catalyse activities that are already taking place and must demonstrate new or novel innovation either in concept, application or context and ways these can be scaled up or replicated.

What is the size of the grants available?

The size of the grants available with be stated in the call for proposals.

MAR has established a catalytic fund (MAR CatFUND) to support initiatives that build on the work organisations are already doing. If your organisation has innovative solutions that help improve access to the quality of maternal health care services accessible for the urban poor and ensure respectful care, the CatFUND could help your organisation do more.

MAR issues a call for proposals each year on a selected theme and looks for innovative concepts, modalities, processes and products that are new or novel in their application in different locations.

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